'Wervianen' is a light art work (PANI) made with Femke Kempkes for the façade of  Theater De Kampanje in Den Helder. In 8 collages we zoom in on the history of Willemsoord and specifically on the various workers (Wervianen) and workplaces on the former Marine area.

We use site-specific material, related to the place or the building and the façade forms a medium to project the information back to the site. This is called 'performing urban memory'. The proces is a mix of analogue and digital work resulting in analogue slides (18x18 cm). The art work is realized in the context of the Den Helder light route, 14 December 2017/11 January 2018.

Artists: Machteld Aardse & Femke Kempkes

Technique: Pronorm

Building: Theater De Kampanje

Bart van Bokhoven / Remco Keepers / Remco Geerts
Residents and Municipality Den Helder / Zeestad
Photography: Andrea Röell


For facade: 3 x PANI projector (analogue) 3x8 slides


For the light projection on the we work with all historical archives and the Library in Den Helder. Special thanks to Museumhaven Willemsoord, Helderse Historische Vereniging, Marinemuseum, Reddingmuseum, Kunstuitleen Den Helder, Stichting Bonaire, Fort Kijkduin Huisduinen & de vele bewoners en vrijwilligers.




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