MY BODY / Me in MRI as a book

Many 3D prints are created from a scan. I decided to experiment with an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) as the basis of my work: a book of myself, a 'book' where you literally could browse through me. For this, I sought cooperation with a PhD student at the Amsterdam Medical Centre.



Concept: Machteld Aardse

Book binding: Lyske Gais
In collaboration with: 3-D lab Haarlem, Amsterdam Medisch Centrum: Martine Regenboog (Ph.D researcher), Erik Akkerman (MRI-technician)

INFO My father? or me?
Some time ago my father had a stroke. At the time, an MRI scan of his head was made. What does the scan tell about my father? I was inspired by the presentation of artist Caspar Berger, who had been working with MRI scans. Whereas Caspar Berger depersonalizes the material, I myself was more interested in the very personal and intimate nature of the scans, and wanted to give this a physical form.


I started off by photographing my father from all sides in his garden in the garage. I imported the 31 pictures into 123DCatch and Mesh Mixer to create a 3D rendering of his exterior. The process somewhat resulted in a distorted but satisfying image of him in the garden and garage: a personal portrait of my father. Meanwhile, I wanted to show his insides making use of the MRI scan: a 'book' which literally gives you a person could through leaves.


For this idea I needed the whole body, not only the scans of the head. By chance I came into contact with Martine Regenboog, physician-researcher, doctoral research into Gaucher disease and therefor made MRI scans. While participating in her research I could make a 'whole body' MRI scan myself. Thus the collaboration with Martine and MRI physicist Erik Akkerman began. The resulting scans form the basis of two different 3D books myself, that I are in the make with artist, designer and bookbinder Lyske Gais.

MY BODY, cardboard, linen and glue, 10,2 x 19 x 4,9 cm