'O Vaarwel! vergeet mij niet' [Oh Farewell! don't forget me] is a light art work in cooperation with Femke Kempkes on the 46 m facade of the former V&D in the city center of Den Helder.


Den Helder is and was a port of coming and going, like tides. Sometimes people depart for extended periods, such as in World War II, due to prolonged bombardment, sometimes for shorter periods, such as with fishing boats, shipping and the Royal Navy. It is precisely this movement of leaving and returning that we, artists Femke Kempkes and Machteld Aardse find interesting. The title of the book by Peter Hovestad and Jan T. Bremer, 'Ach ik bid en smeek u, laat mij terugkomen in Den Helder’, touches on the desire of the reunion. It inspired us for the light projection that will run from December 18, 2016 - 8th of February 2017.

Artists: Machteld Aardse & Femke Kempkes

Technique: Mansfeld Expotech / Pronorm /

Bart van Bokhoven / Tim Driessen / Remco Keepers / Remco Geerts / Joyce

Multimedia: Joffrey van der Vliet
Residents and Municipality Den Helder / Zeestad
Photography: Andrea Röell


For facade: 3 x digital beamers 30 slides
For carousel: 4 beamers 24 slides


For the light projection on the white facade of the V & D in Den Helder we work with excerpts from personal letters, notes and poems through time, where the concept of 'leave and return' is reflected. In addition, we are also looking for iconic images of Den Helder, the people, places, the landscape, the ships departure and return are important. All texts and images are documented and get a place after the period of three weeks of the light projection. For more info please contact Citymarketing Den Helder via the telephone number 674 601, through which you can also make an appointment.