The view from the studio of visual artist Machteld Aardse is a curious plot of land, belonging to Twente University, the Netherlands. One day, the plants, once placed by ecologist Louis G. le Roy, are cut down to make way for a heap of sand. Then, a laboratory for nanotechnology arises.

The Island (Het Eiland) (2010 | 30'). Aardse found the sand heap to be a great stage for art performances but was also sucked into the story of the plot of land where an eccentric ecologist, L.G. le Roy, could put his ideas to practice in the '70. About the hisory of an acre of land, conflicting ideologies and a changing Zeitgeist, architects and contractors, and old dreams thrown out with the garbage.


Director: Machteld Aardse

Camera 1: Julian Scaff

Camera 2: Paula Bugni & Tao Z (Mei- Yu)

Camera 3: Jae-Min Kim, Nikos Doulos

Photography: Kevin Mitnick, Bani Bannwart, Jan Hesselink

Music and composition: Julien Grossmann

Sound: Thomas van der Linde, Machteld Aardse

Titles & animation: Anke Noorman

Editors: René Nuland, Machteld Aardse, Julian Scaff

Poetry: J. Heymans

Choir & conductor: Convivium, Joost Schouten www.koorconvivium.nl

Lab 111, W8 Art Architects, 23 December 2016

Vrijhof Cultuurcentrum, University Twente

25th November - 5th December 2010
Club Karlsson, Amsterdam

Stichting Tijd (Le Roy), Heerenveen

Publication: (Dutch) UTNieuws


Special thanks to:

actor: Laurens te Walvaart  - Fa. Dusseldorp

Maarten Lensink - Fa. Dusseldorp

Jan, Erik - Slopers Dusseldorp

De heer M. Weustink - Beveiliging University Twente

Peter Vergert & Peter- Archive University Twente

Karen Frowijn - Vastgoed Drienerlo

Ing. H. Kruidhof - IM Univeristy Twente

De heer P.J. Kiekebos - Library University Twente

De heer Schooneberg

Jeroen van Westen - landscape artist

De heer Holzik - Greenman

De heer A. Hirsch - Vastgoed Drienerlo

Rik van der Velden - architect Nanolab for Ector Hoogstad Architects

Tatia Skhirtladze - voice

De heer J. Hoogstad - supervisor & architect Carré Enschede

De heer J.H. Hesselink - photographer University Twente

Marsha Plantenga - communication University Twente

Vrijhof Cultuurcentrum UTwente

Mariëlle Rijpstra - Micronclean, Cleanroom Service van Berendsen

Choir Convivium - Joost Schouten, Miriam & Pepijn

Willem van Weelden - consultancy

Cesar Moerman - communication consultancy

Kees Maas - silkscreen

Suits: Micronclean, Cleanroom Services van Berendsen


Wildgroei / Wildgrowth, videoperformance 3:08 min


Location: Nanotechnologylab Enschede

Director: Machteld Aardse

Choir: Convivium - conductor: Joost Schouten

Composition: Julien Grossmann

Poet: J.Heymans

Suits: Micronclean, Cleanroom Service van Berendsen, Bolsward


The performance of the choir Convivium singing is made for the soundtrack of the film Het Eiland / The Island. The composition is based on the dutch poem Wildgroei / Wildgrowth specially written for the film by the dutch poet J.Heymans, and recalls the wild paradise and bush by the ecologist Louis le Roy. The bush has been replaced for a building Nanotechnology.