About the changes in the Swimmingpool 'Octopus' and people's fear of loosing the so-called 'feeling of Octopus'.



The film Octopus (2013 | 30') documents the period in 2010 that the swimmingpool is taken over by a larger organization SRO. People fear the loss of the so-called 'Octopus feeling'. But what is this 'Octopus feeling'?  In search of the Octopus, we get to meet many poeple from the swimmingpool. Paintings and animation are used to the documentary in order to show the other world of the Octopus.


Director: Machteld Aardse

Camera: Machteld Aardse
Camera - underwater:  Ank Verrips

Music: Basela, the influence of the Moon, 2003 Linda Puttaert and  Joris de Backer; DVD Ank Verrips;

Leusdens Mannenkoor de Valleizangers

Photography: Anke Noorman, Ronald Kerstens, Lightness, Machteld Aardse

Animation: Anke Noorman

Paintings: Machteld Aardse

Octopus arms: Virág Dezsö

Editor & sound: Machteld Aardse

Advice: René Nuland, Anke Noorman


Special thanks to:

Petra Zondag, Larissa Planje, Erna Ligtvoet,

Gerard Onink, Silvester Claassen, Femmy de Vries,

Justine Wessels, Sabine Kramer, Diana Barneveld,

Dennis Verhoef, Hond Lady, Octopus en anderen.

Stichting bestuur Octopus, the gentlemen:

J.D. Blokker, F.P.J. van Eck, A. Knook,

J.F. van Maurik, W.J. Sandker, E. Scholten

Gemeente Leusden, Mw. drs. A. Vermeulen

Stichting bestuur Octopus, SRA, Swimmingpool Octopus