Machteld Aardse  (Eersel 1972) is a multimedia artist based in Amsterdam. Drawing is the basis from which her work seeks out other media. She is intrigued by varying views of the world and the memory of the (urban) landscape. Most of her work is executed in the public space. After getting a Masters Degree in Art History at the University of Amsterdam, she completed a BFA in Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and an MFA in Public Art at the Dutch Art Institute. Aardse is part of  De Beeldvormers , the Moving Academy for Performing Arts (MAPA) and Art Partner.


Among other, her work has been exhibited at the Nederlandsche Bank, the New York Islands Festival, the Women's Art Festival in Aleppo Syria, Museum het Rembrandthuis, the Hollandsche Schouwburg, the Amsterdam Museum and the Amsterdam Light Festival.


"Machteld Aardse’s work, in all its versatility, shows a recurring fascination for the performativity of drawing. To Aardse, a drawing is always more than a depiction of the world, a drawing is an intervention in the world. By sitting down with a sheet of paper and a bunch of pencils or crayons and asking someone to strike a pose, a small, intimate theatre comes into being: the person portrayed tries out different poses, a dialogue unfolds, time passes. By means of videos, installations and performances, Aardse then explores the implications of the 'drawing scene' and what is revealed after the portrait is completed. A finished portrait always shows more than just the person portrayed and the way she wants to present herself to the world. By hanging a portrait somewhere, or by simply giving it to the person who just has been drawn, a second scene emerges. We are now not just confronted with the fantasies, desires and fears of the individual who is being subjected to the artist’s gaze, we are also being confronted with how these feelings are embedded in a concrete social context. " Yasco Horsman




2005 - 2007




1999 - 2004

1992 - 1998


The Moving Academy for Performing Arts (MAPA), Scenography & Light Workshop, Haarlem

Masterclass 3D lab Haarlem www.3d-lab.org

Dutch Art Institute (DAI), Public Art (MFA), Enschede

SAGA Writing Interactive Fiction, Academy for Film and Television, München

The Moving Academy for Performing Arts (MAPA), Masterclass projection techniques, Haarlem

Academia di Belle Arti della Brera Milan, with Luciano Fabro (Arte Povera), Milan (Italy)

Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, Fine Arts (BFA)

Art History & archeology, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Specialized period 1350-1850 (MA)

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam, internship drawings & prints



Court of Rotterdam, exhibition with Tasniem Anwar


Inholland & Art Partner,  artistic research ‘Studeren met een ondersteuningsvraag’
LICHTPOST Licht tegen Eenzaamheid, light projections in 9 NS stations, 29 Sep-6 Oct

Planetary Health European Hub Convening Amsterdam, drawing with Kyra Sacks
Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt', (court)drawings and research with Tasniem Anwar
MAPA PANIS ANGELICUS, Groenmarktkerk Haarlem,
site specific moving theatre & light projections

Beflugelt, light projection Flensburg / Symposium 'Open Space' presentation


DREAMS Kolding Light Festival, Albabo, 2 & 3 Dec, light projections with Femke Kempkes
MAPA MORPHOSIS 2/ Panis Angelicus, Groenmarktkerk, Haarlem, 2 & 3 Dec,
moving theatre & light projections
MAPA MORPHOSIS 2/ Prelude, V&D Haarlem,
moving theatre & light projections

'De Laatste Rit' [The Last Ride], Werkplaats Diepenheim, location theatre & lightprojections with Jeroen Kriek

MAPA light projection lab, former V&D/HB building Haarlem, site specific
Stadsmuseum Harderwijk, animation with hanimatie

Geleidelichten, sketch design, Dijkkwartier Nijmegen (Thijs Asselbergs / Joeri van Ommeren) with Femke Kempkes


MAPA Morphosis, V&D/HB building Haarlem, site specific performances
Im Ausnahmezustand,
Kuendaproductions.com, video, with Elke Mark

Lichtpost, Amsterdam Museum, Corona in de Stad
Echo of Resistance, guerilla lichtprojection  Amsterdam, Machteld Aardse, Femke Kempkes in coll. with Levison D. Gijsbertha, Remco Keepers, Bart van Bokhoven (Pronorm BV)

Lichtpost, light projection, with Femke Kempkes & IMC Weekendschool


75 jaar vrijheid, PANI light projection, Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen, 7 Dec-21 Dec

De Burcht, ANDB, PANI light projection, 29 Nov-29 Dec
Outer Space / Data set, Stadskunstkamer Haarlem, www.haarlemsbeeld.nl/stadskunstkamer

Da Vinciplein, community art project, lightprojections with Frans van Heiningen, Schalkwijk


Halen & Brengen [Give & Take], Light projection / Light route with Femke Kempkes, Den Helder

Outer Space, duo-exhibition with Lyske Gais, 37PK, Haarlem

De Zee /  Baobab, Cacaofabriek Helmond, group exhibition, animation & drawings

Wervianen, large-scale lightprojection with Femke Kempkes, Den Helder
Joyce Festival, Oosterkerk, Amsterdam, NL, 18 Oct 2018




Missing Pieces, Pomes Penyeach Project, het Weefhuis, Zaandijk, groupexhibiton, light/drawing installation
Sense of Belonging, short film with drawings, VU / Van Doorne / Art Partner

De Oorsprong Curator series, by Raoul van der Weide , Dokzaal Amsterdam, with Josep-Maria Balanyà piano, Tom Jackson clarinet, Yung-Tuan Ku percussion, Makiko Ito dance, Doortje Peters tapdance, Machteld Aardse overhead projection
Uninvited & Disenchanted come to town: a modern-day fable Nat Muller, drawings with Kyra Sacks, Stedelijk Museum A'dam / De Appel
You and the London Sky, book about love and mourning, 'de Huiskamer' Kalkmarkt 8, Amsterdam, 31/3-25/5


O Vaarwel! Vergeet mij niet, light projection, with Femke Kempkes, Den Helder
Briefrelief, Bellamykabinet, light projection, with Femke Kempkes & Frans van Heiningen, Amsterdam

Het Eiland / The Island, film, Lab 111, W8 Art Architects, Amsterdam

Zaandam, Nacht van de Industriecultuur / Phenix, light projection & animation

AMACI - Associazione Musei d'Arte Contemporanea Italiani, In-Contemporanea Chiesa Santa Maria Nova  Vimodrone, The Sea, animation / projection, Milan (IT) 15/10

You and the London Sky, poetry book with drawings

The Sea, lightprojection, Dropstuff, the Public Space, Amersfoort, Hilversum, Eindhoven. 

Quitte le Pouvoir, documentary, screening Cannes Short film festival

The Baobab, lightprojection, Dropstuff, the Public Space of: Eindhoven, Amersfoort,  Hilversum


Zaandam Light projection (PANI & digital mapping), Stichting Zaanse Industriecultuur 20 June

'Het grid ontgroeid' in 37PK Haarlem, Masterclass & exhibition 3D lab Haarlem www.3d-lab.org

Quitte le Pouvoir, documentary, screening Cinema Louxor Paris

The Sea, lightprojection, Beamlab Open Air, Art'Otel, Amsterdam


Quitte le Pouvoir, Premiere World Cinema Festival Amsterdam

Joods Historisch Museum, Open Joodse Huizen, presentation Vaarwel / Last Words, 4 May

H401 Amsterdam, Quitte le Pouvoir (documentary animation film), preview & exhibtion drawings

Webtser University Leiden, Women of Waalo, presentation documentary-animation film

Conservatorium Amsterdam, Purcell, Dido & Aeneas, director Eduardo Rojas, conductor Richard Egard, light projections

Gemeente Almere, ArtPartner, artist interventions & presentations (with art book)


Vaarwel / Last Words, large-scale light projections, Hollandsche Schouwburg, Jewish cultural quarter & Amsterdam Light Festival with Femke Kempkes

Amsterdam Light Festival, My house your house, lightprojections with Femke Kempkes

Crowdfunding Quitte le Pouvoir, documentary animation film with Aida Grovestins

Leusden, Octopus, film with paintings on swimmingpool 'Octopus'


Quitte le Pouvoir, documentary-animation film with Aida Grovestins

NBF Baobab award, bronze sculpture for Sonja Barend, Dutch Association of Film and TV professionals

Amsterdam, MAPA, Balkan Snapshot Festival, large scale projection technique workshop, with UvA, Kriterion, Crea, Balkan Buro


Het Museum Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam, large scale slide projections & workshop, 4 Nov

Research travel July: Senegal, Nder, Women of Waalo, documentary-artfilm with Aida Grovestins, drawings

Zeemanshuis Amsterdam, groupexhibition: between heaven and high water, projections, 15-23 April

The Island, filmviewings at: Club Karlsson Amsterdam (15 Feb); Symposium for International Women's Day Leiden (2 March); Stichting Tijd Heerenveen (19 March)


Enschede, Vrijhof Cultuurcentrum, Het Eiland / The Island, exhibition & première 15/11-5/12

Amsterdam, Open Sollicitatie / Unsolicited Application, with Lyske Gais, a research in process


Amsterdam, De Nederlandsche Bank, Art Partner Invited, groupexhibition, GOUD, What do the Fish... , installation of light & painting

New York New Island Festival / Terschelling Oerol Festival, SLeM, Windnomaden

Wilhelminahuiskamer festival, slides & projections with children

Amsterdam, De Balie, Iran Filmfestival The Best Of, Iran en Route, video


Amsterdam, Paradiso, Visions of Paradise, Adam & Eva, large scale slide projection

Köln, Gallery race fast safe car e.V.c.o. Babette Schlappal, der Karateschule , Aardse & Mark , drawings & paintings

Salinas Valley, San Francisco (USA) , Everything Connected , paintings & video

Amsterdam, Achter de Ramen, Borneo Eiland

Rijswijk, MN-Services & Art Partner, Lichtbeeld / Lightsculpture

Enschede, Stichting Medialab, Hello Roombeek , video & projection

Aleppo (Syrië), Women's Art Festival, Samar , video installation

Allerzielen Alom, lichtprojections with Frans van Heiningen

Heemstede, Ateliers 195-19, Meer & Berg , performance & slide projections, with Frans van Heiningen

Enschede, Villa de Bank , Here as the Centre of the World, exhibition & transnational artistic research program by the Dutch Art Institute with James Beckett, Tony Chakar, Erkan Ózgen

Amsterdam, W139/basement, Post Cs Gebouw, Art Partner - Exploring new identities, Portrait(net)work 24/7

Dyarbakir (Turkey) & Enschede, Here as the Center of the World, Stones & dreams, exhibition & transnational artistic research program by the Dutch Art Institute, with Libia Pérez de Siles de Castro & Ólafur Árni Ólafsson, Erkan Ózgen, Rik Fernhout

Amsterdam, Waag Society, Killer TV, Samar : videopresentation


Amsterdam, Waag Society / De Balie / Salto/ Killer TV, Online performance

Leiden, Stedelijk Museum De Lakenhal, Brains Unlimited. Helma , videoportrait

Amsterdam, Stadschouwburg, AUB Uitburo: 25 jaar jong, Bemint u , projections

Oberhausen, Gasometer, Klank Lang Welle, Dutch Art Institute & Resonance FM (London), The Hero , sound installation

USA, Foundling Cape Cod Academy, Osterville (MA) / Nasarian Center of the Arts, Sapinsley Hall Providence (RI), Ino , a cantate of Teleman, projections with Marjo Meijer

Beirut (Lebanon), Here as the Center of the World, This time I won't be posing for the camera , performance with Ali Cherri & Tsui-Lun Li

Amsterdam, Kunstvlaai, Motherland, Bouwhazen , videostill, www.Inhalexhale.org

Enschede, Universiteit Twente, Gat in 't Brein, medical symposium, Portrait of Helma Dirks , video, with Carlijn Mens & Kristiina Koskentola

Den Haag, Atrium, Unicef sponsorgala, light projections, with Frans van Heiningen

Amsterdam, 11 Post C.S., Iran en Route , videoprojection with Anne Verhoijsen


Haarlem, What is that Doggy in the window?, curator Aert van der Kuijl, Volg!, with Frans van Heiningen

Amsterdam, Galerie W139, Body mapping & Big Mouth Radio , Dutch Art Institute & Resonance FM (London), soundperformance & video installation

Amsterdam, Loods 6 , Art-for-Sail with house-of-initiatives | Art Partner, Captains Project , performance, drawing & projection

Haarlem, Toneelschuur, Maggy & & Steve, theater & projection

Amsterdam, De Balie, Paradiso, portraitperformance with Paul Tames van den Berg

Amsterdam, Beurs van Berlage, Rietveld naar de Beurs, Sports Hold

Heartbeat Iran, Gerrit Rietveld Academie & Dutch Art Institute, research & book

Amsterdam, Paradiso Ziel & Zaligheid , Système Mobile , boxperformance



Amsterdam, PAKT/////, PLUG-IN, Système Mobile , boxperformance , with Sarah van Lamsweerde, Paul Dalen, Bonni Moedig & Boksteam Albert Cuyp

Rotterdam Katendrecht Deliplein, Stichting ZET, Exit Dirty Diana???, Getekend Katendrecht , summer-drawing-action with children Marjo Meijer, groupexhibition

Amsterdam, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, EXIT 2004, videoinstallation: The Hare

Amsterdam, Kunstvlaai, KI-OSK, object: Sports Hold

Photo: Jolanthe Lalkens


Photo: Andrea Roell

Art Partner, InHolland, publication (collaborative work)

Tasniem Anwar, 'Finance of Terrorism, Beyond the Sahdow of a Doubt', drawings

Lina Issa & Wayne Modest, On caring: Lina Issa at the National Museum of World Cultures, drawings

Paul Dirks, Gumboek, de Zee

James Joyce, Pomes Penyeah Project, Erik Bindervoet, Robbert-Jan Kenkes (Night Piece)

You and the London Sky, about love and mourning, Sonia de Cristofaro (poems) Machteld Aardse (drawings)

David Duindam, Signs of the Shoah, The Hollandsche Schouwburg as a Site of Memory, UVA

NRC / NRC Next, Elsje Jorritsma, 'Die cel is beter zonder drugs', de Beeldvormers drawings (16/10/15)

Trouw, Marijek de Vries, 'Malcolms leven stond stil in de cel' de Beeldvormers drawings (11/11/15)

Noordhollands Dagblad 20 June, Cover

De Grote Amsterdam Kunstkalender

Pepitha Hesselbergh, Cinematic Chronotopes, Here, Now, Me, New York, 1.2 p.21 ill.

Herdenkingsboek (Commemoration book) 4 May, Cover photo

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Thesis (UvA): Het Occo Hofje, zijn regentenkamer en de schilderijen als collectie














































2016             Bellamy Kabinet, board member

                      De Bonjo, drawings for the paper for (ex-)prisoners

                      Product information and workshops for Ampersand

2013             FOAM / Amsterdam Light Festival, jury member photography

2011             TEDxAmsterdam / TEDx Women, reporter

2011  -          MAPA ScholarshIpfund, treasurer - support for central eastern european theatermakers,

                       artists and educators in setting up their own company in their own country

2010 -           Webster University, Leiden, teacher media aesthetics & creative strategies

2006 -          MAPA, The Moving Academy for Performing Arts, teacher image directing, presentation &

                      communication, in the project Procession of Icons, Amsterdam, Kiev/Berdichev Ukraïne,

                      Belgrade Serbia, Ochrid Macedonia

2007 -           Lascaux colours & restauro, workshopleader & productinformationpecialist

2008 -           Stichting Kunstbende Amsterdam, jury member film & expo

2006 - 2008 Van Doorne N.V. Amsterdam, Art partner,Totems (2008), Portret(netwerk 24/7 (2007)

2008 -           Artist at Art Partner

2004 - 2008 Stichting Art Initiatives, committee

1994 - 2004 Muziekcentrum De IJsbreker, Amsterdam, allround worker / CEM Centrum for

                     Electronische Muziek, Amsterdam, leader of soundgarden for children

1997 - 2000 Art dealer Charles Roelofsz (old master paintings), assistant

1993 - 1995  Sotheby's Amsterdam, assistant at auctions

1994 - 2007 Archeological excavations, Bet Shean (Israël)

1993 -             Portrait Court drawing, Amsterdam

1990 - 2000 Royal talens B.V. Apeldoorn, workshopleader & productinformationspecialist


Dutch: Mothertongue

English: Excellent, spoken and written

Italian: Good, spoken and average written

French: Good, spoken and written

German: Average, spoken and written